Galaxy watch 3 BT and GWS

Hi all,

I’ve galaxy watch 3 BT and i can’t connect to GWS. GWS is compatible with galaxy watch 3 ?


Hi @eddyrectem,

Galaxy Watch 3 is compatible with GWS but you won’t be able to connect it through SDBOverBT as there is an issue. However, you should be able to connect it using Wi-Fi. Please try to connect it via Wi-Fi and let me know if you face any trouble.


Hi Azad,

I tried with sdboverbt, it is well connected on sdboverbt but in GWS it does not find the GW3, in Wi Fi it connects well, I can download widget, dials, but in GWS when I add it with its IP address it says no compatible device. I have windows 10 pro X64, is it a track?

Best regards

RAZ of my GW3 and now it’s ok :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: