Galaxy Watch 4 on RTL?

Hi, I have the GWA 2 and GW 3 but will probably not be able to buy the GW 4 for some time when it’s released… so is there a way to test watch faces made for GW 4? I looked at Remote Test Lab, but it seems to have only Galaxy watch 1 and gear S3… When will the newer versions of the watch be coming on RTL?

Hi, I am using Android Studio emulator with WearOS - Preview (Android 11.0) and \I use the Run on Device feature in Watch Face Studio to test my watch faces. RJ848eh1

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Thank you! Will try it out.

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Hello Jordy,

emulator is running but i can’t get it into the device list over the “run on device” function. :thinking:

What i am missing here.


Did you enable developer options on the watch, and then ADB over Wifi (or something similar)?

Is the emulator running the new WearOS preview? (Labeled as Android 11)


i got the latest “preview” version now. (Android 11 - API 30)

  • ADB Debugging is on
  • Debug over WiFi is on
    When i click “wireless debugging” i get now ip address and a port number.

But what to do now? (Aaaah … new world … new things to learn)



You should now see the watch in the “run on device” menu in WFS and the Converter program.
If you are still unable to, please let me know!

Nothing to see in the compatible device list. :roll_eyes:
Maybe have to setup something in the AVD Setting “proxy”?
Maybe Firewall?
The WiFi inside the Emulator shows connected to “AndroidWifi”. Is that correct?

Puuuhhh … I need the real watch now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, no I havent set up any proxy or something, mine is also showing AndroidWifi.

Did you also click “scan devices”? Maybe restart the emulator?

Ah ok, good to know.
I did restart everything already very often :rofl: and yes i clicked the scan device button.

Do you see your Emulator device in your router?


I did a network scan before and after I turned on the emulator, and the device count did not change.
This is what I see in Extended Controls (the 3 dots) > Bug report. Screenshot 2021-08-19 141510
And in AVD Manager > Arrow Down > Edit > Advanced Settings

this are my information under the bug report. In addition i get this error message.
Maybe the adb version is corrupted? :thinking: :roll_eyes:


Make sure that you made a WearOS project and not a normal Android project in Android Studio.
Im using version Arctic Fox 2020.3.1 of Android Studio.

Maybe this can help, "unable to locate adb" using Android Studio - Stack Overflow
Fix "Unable to locate adb within SDK" in Android Studio - GeeksforGeeks

Can you check what version of adb you are using?
To check just open console and run “adb version”.

Thx :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late response, but this is the ADB version:

> Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41
> Version 28.0.3-5475833

Hi Jordy,

thx for your feedback.
My ADB version was 1.0.32. This is maybe the problem. Have to check this later.

My watch arrived yesterday so first i will test it there :flushed:

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Hi, Watch4 is now available on RTL

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So I tried and built new watch face file. But for some reason the RTL refuses its format. Which format am I supposed to install to test?

Hi, right click on the watch and follow this steps: image

Then enter the command displayed in your adb console. SDK Platform Tools release notes  |  Android Developers

Then the watch should be listed under “run on device”

Thanks for the advice. Yet somewhat complicated way for simple task.