Galaxy Watch Entitlements Technical documentation / guide


I need to design server to manage Galaxy watch eSIM activation (ex: One Number service). Looking for specifications / API guides which need to be supported by server for this feature. Any help on this is much appreciated.


As per my knowledge, eSIM activation is managed by the ‘Galaxy Wearable’ app by Samsung for the users.

If you work for any Operator Company (i.e Verizon, AT&T, etc) then you might reach the business contact point of Samsung Electronics you have.

Other than that, haven’t heard of any SDK/API for the third-party developers for eSIM activation.

Thanks for info @s.a.f.w.a.n. I too understand ‘Galaxy Wearable’ app will manage eSIM activation for wearables.

Not working for operator so unable to get business contact. But I have come accross some specs like ‘Companion Device Subscription Management 1.13’, GSMA TS 43, etc. Couldn’t get first specification, also wanted to know Samsung eSIM management (for wearable or phone) complies with any of these.