Galaxy Watch NFC Unique ID

Hi all,

this is my first post on this forum, hopefully I get in the right place. I’m also new in developing wearable Tizen .Net applications.
Here is a short description of the problem I have:

I have a samsung galaxy watch and I enabled NFC on the watch. I also have a cardreader (NFC USB). When I go with the watch above this cardreader, a unique ID is generated (I tested this using an empty txt file opened in notepad, the unique ID is written there. This unique ID I’m able to get also in a WinForm .Net Application.

Now I want to get this unique ID in a “Wearable Tizen .Net Application” and I couldn’t find any solution for doing this. How can I do this?



As you want to develop an application with Wearable Tizen .Net and NFC, you can find the documentation of NFC here.
This documentation provides how NFC works. It also provides the functionality and implementation of NFC alongsite with the code snippets.

You can also find the API reference of NFC here

As you are new in the wearable Tizen .Net development, you can learn more about Tizen .Net in the following site.
You learn about the Tizen .Net here with a proper guide. Moreover, you will find some sample applications that will help you to build up your knowledge about Tizen .Net.

Hello and thank you for your answer.

I read the documentation and I took also a look at the code snippets. I created a small application to see what/how nfc works.
I started by adding these 2 privileges: /nfc and /nfc.card_emulation
Then I tried to see what is supported:

  1. IsNfcSupported using : Tizen.System.Information.TryGetValue(“”, out bool isNfcSupported) -> it returns true on my watch
  2. IsCardEmulationSupported using: Tizen.System.Information.TryGetValue(“”, out bool isCardEmulationSupported); -> it returns true on my watch
  3. IsTagSupported using: Tizen.System.Information.TryGetValue(“”, out bool isTagSupported) -> it returns false on my watch
  4. IsP2PSupported using: Tizen.System.Information.TryGetValue(“”, out bool isP2PSupported) -> it returns false on my watch

So, on my watch seems that nfc and cardemulation are supported. Then I tried to get a “cardEmulationAdapter” to see how this works using:
var cardEmulationAdapter = NfcManager.GetCardEmulationAdapter();
catch (Exception e)
Console.WriteLine("Failed initialize CardAdapter: " + e.Message);
An exception is thrown, but I cannot see any hint because e=false?!.
Now I’m wonder if I can do smth. “programatically” with NFC on my watch using API Version 4. I just want to know if it is possible to send a message (or just a simple string) to a cardreader using NFC, when I put the watch on the cardreader.

Thank you.