NFC HCE - no events at all


In here: Near Field Communication (NFC) | Tizen Docs

There is a mention for HCE (Host-based Card Emulation).

This interests me, however the documentation is far from clear:

I tried to use “nfc_manager_set_hce_event_cb”, but no event is being received at all, when I approach my watch to a NFC-reader device.

Also tried calling “nfc_se_set_preferred_handler”, doesn’t make any change.

I only want to know how can I request my watch to “pretend” it’s a normal card with UID of AA:BB:CC:DD.
How can I do that?

Please help me with this topic. Almost nothing is available online. :frowning:

Can you please share the NFC reader details?

I tested it with various readers (ZKTeco QR500), but the easiest is a Galaxy Phone with some application (MIFARE Classic Tool, or TagInfo by NXP).

All reports the UID of the watch, but I can’t figure out on how can I make the watch to report a desired custom UID.