Reading NFC tag using Galaxy Active 2 Watch

I have an application, where I want my app on Galaxy Active 2 watch reads a NFC tag and takes an action. Is there a sample code or documentation that shows how to to program watch to read NFC tag?

Are you developing a .net, native or web app? Did you search github?

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Its a native app. Didn’t search the github yet but will do. Wanted to quickly check if the SDK has APIs that allow reading NFC tag. My need is to associate information in the NFC tag (serial number) with the watch user.

check out this resource:


Thanks! Looking into it and will respond back with the results after trying it.


I am developing a similar application (Galaxy active 2 watch) that requires NFC tag read and write functionalities.
From this link, it seems like it is not supported.

My application is a web app.

Just wanted to know if there is a possibility by adding some permission it can be done.


You can check device capabilities in this table:

Currently NFC tag read/write is not supported on any wearable devices