NFC is supported for Watch?

Is NFC supported in Galaxy watch? If yes, then please guide me how to develop NFC tags read/write app for Samsung Galaxy Watch? If any sample code available, please assist me by providing it.


I’m sure NFC is supported because you can use it for Samsung Pay and other Wallet cards.

This would probably be a Tizen question for Watch 3 and older or Wear OS question for Watch4 and Watch5.

What do you have and what do you want to develop for?

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Hi @shripalshripal.

All of the most recent Galaxy watches support NFC, and you can find out if yours does by following these steps.
Tap Settings, then Connections.
If your watch supports NFC, you will see an NFC option.

In addition, no wearable device currently supports NFC tag read/write.
You can check the compatibility of your device in this table:

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I am trying develop one POC of NFC for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, in which other NFC enabled device can read my POC’s NFC.
It will be helpful if you can suggest/provide any sample.

Shripal Modi

@shripalshripal You will need to go to the Android/Wear OS documentation for this. Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 run Wear OS powered by Samsung (AKA Wear OS 3)

Hope this helps. I’m sure you can find the documentation faster that I can.

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Yes, i have gone through the Android/Wear OS documentation. But, I did not find related docs or samples for NFC wear OS.
I am still wondering how NFC in Samsung Health App is reading and writing tags.

It will be kind if you can guide me for the same.

I am still wondering how NFC in Samsung Health App is reading and writing tags.

I didn’t have a clue and didn’t find any documentation on NFC implementation.

Sorry I wasn’t able to help you better.

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Ok. Do you have any sample code or documentation for the same?

If you Search | Tizen Developers you will find nearly 400 search results for NFC since you can write Tizen in native and Web I can’t help you much more than point you there.

Hope that helps,

Samsung Developer Relations