Galaxy watch studio and galaxy watch 3 problem

I made a design in Galaxy watch studio for my galaxy watch 3. The studio i use is the beta version 2.0.0. But after i completed my design it says there isnt a compateble watch, i searched the ip adres of my watch on my wifi network . In studio itself i cant find the watch 3 in the target device to see a preview. Looks like my studio isnt ready for galaxy watch 3. How is this possible and is there a solution so i can upload my own design to my galaxy watch 3?

Kind regards, Dennis van Gent (Holland)

  1. Specify ip the address of your watch is manually searchable. 2. The watch screen must be on when searching. 3. there will be a request on the clock that needs to be confirmed.

Hi @dennis_van_gent ,

Try the following troubleshooting,

  1. Make sure again your PC and Watch are connected to the same network by checking their ip addresses, and the Watch has the debugging mode turned on.
  2. Go to the top-right corner on GWS interface and click Run On Device icon and enter the correct ip address of your watch and click OK .
  3. Keep a close look on your watch, a pop up will be shown to accept the RSA key and you have to accept it very quickly as it will stay for a few seconds. If you miss, it will never come back.
  4. After accepting the RSA key, your watch will be connected to GWS automatically.

N.B. Sometimes you need to do step 2 for several times until it can find your watch and also keep your watch awake at that moment. Also restarting your router helps GWS to find your watch.

If those steps does not resolve your problem or you don’t see the RSA key pop up, reboot your watch by holding the home key button pressed for about 15 seconds or until it says rebooting. After that try the steps above again and it will solve your problem eventually.

Let me know if you are using Mac then you have to follow some other directions as well.


What everyone else has said is true and accurate and probably the reason. However you get this error message if you haven’t created a distributor certificate as well.

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