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How to test an application for an operating system that only 2 devices have and that does not work on Android or in tizen? … and another question is, if the converted can be published in the Galaxy store or only in the Android store (in which no face for this operating system is listed yet, only for Wear OS)?

“.aab is Android App Bundle and will be the only file type accepted in the near future. The documentation is from a beta version.”

Would love to know the solution to this issue.

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Hi Mo,

Sorry if I confused you. Currently both .aab and .apk files are accepted. In the future only .aab files will be accepted. GWS Converter files can be uploaded to Play Store now.

The documentation has been change to show .aab output now.

Samsung Developer Relations

Kindly explain me how to solve this issue.
I have converted a watchface and while uploading to Play Console, I am getting this message "You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle signed with a certificate that expires too soon. You need to sign your APK or Android App Bundle with a certificate that expires further in the future."

please help me to solve this issue and the further steps to uploading for approval.

Thank you

@matterplan88 everything’s okay at home? :sunglasses: :grin:

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this was an answer in this topic

There is an issue to create the valid keystore in the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter. It will be fixed from the next release. For a while keystore created by Watch Face Studio or Android Studio can be used.

I don’t have any date on the next release.

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Thank you Mr. Ron. It’s worked :slight_smile:

GWSC did an amazing job, at least got 90% of the specs converted, understandable.

However, in order to fix a certain features I tried to open the .abb file into Watch Face Studio (WFS) but was prompted error message, despite that I have renamed the file without any of the characters.

Would greatly appreciate some guidance on this.

Thank you.


With apologies, I couldnt find this topic on an earlier search and created a new topic. Now I cant find that topic to delete.

Hence continue with the help in this post. The unintentional inconvenience is highly regretted.

Thank you.

I guess the exported files cant be open with WFS for editing, same as .tpk could not be open with GWS. They are finalized build files ready for upload to whichever store, or watch.
However, WFS has its own import feature for the .gwd projects. But I doubt they will work same way, as for example WFS does not support double tap, while converter tool does.

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The conversion tool only converts to Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic so it can use double taps. WFS is designed to be used for all Wear OS Powered by Samsung devices.

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Double taps work by changing the screen. This is all the benefits of a converter. Calories and kilometers don’t work. The clock needs to be reassembled so that things that don’t work can be fixed. Custom TAG works with big differences, the more kilometers, the bigger the error. Such watch faces may not be sold. Many Tizen style dials will not be inherited.

Everybody knows there are limitations, that are not going to be removed, they said the converter has no such priority and focus should be on WFS to support new platfom, no matter what trade off’s it brings.
Original creator should have original .gwd sources that can be adjusted and rebuilt for the converter to work. So why not fix known problems while in GWD/GWS and only then after use converter, instead of expecting it will be fully automated someday? Read between lines, it will not be.

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Noted, thanks.

Sorry, my post could have been misunderstood. Whilst I understand the limitations of the tool, I was referring to the recommendation posted in Developer page (see image below).

In order for the above recommendation to work, I believe that WFS-Converter need to save the file/s as .wfs - instead of .aab (.apk / .idsig). WFS also does not accept the .gwd file, it recognize only .wfs

Unless there is another work around which I may have missed. Because the above recommendation will greatly help publishers (like me) to learn WFS much faster.

Thank you

I tried to say, when you open the .gwd file in GWD program, adjust or remove features that the external converter tool (or the WFS) does not support. Save new version. Make new built .tpk and then convert it to .aab
Or try to import the .gwd file into WFS program, but to me this way it seems even more troublesome. Maybe I just did not have patience to experiment more…

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Awesome Peter! You da man, nailed it.

Yes, that “import GWD resources” works for me. I can figure out the rest - slowly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

And yes, I will also follow your latter suggestion on GWD component names and .tpk file name.

It says you can import GWS files not convert. This is not perfect as it does leave a lot to be desired it imports them all in one layer. The Tags are not converted and I don’t think Fonts are imported.

I think Peter has explained how to do fix something first in GWS then convert it. I think this is a better solution as there are many issues importing the GWS resources.

The first thing to know about WFS is that it is not GWS Things are done differently some a lot better some not so great.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, got it. Thank you and thanks to Peter. I’ve managed to utilize the “import GWD resources” and got one up. This is very useful for me.

Thank you all.

Hi, I was wondering, if there was a way to convert a apk file to tpk file. As I am using Watch Face Studios, rather than Galaxy Watch Studio.

Going forward, and I could be wrong about this, is that Tizen watches will die out. So my decision to build for WearOS is being dictated by this.

I’d like to still support older watches.

I’m aware that I could always download and install Galaxy Watch Studio, and just build it in that program.

But if there’s a way to convert tpk files to apk, I’m now wondering if you can convert it the other way, and save me some work.