Play console watch .abb watch face error

Hi, I’m trying the new Galaxy Watch Studio Converter. I created a new key directly from the software and build the Android App Bundle containing my watch face. Once I try to upload it to the play store from Google Play Console there’s an error "You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle signed with a certificate that expires too soon. You must sign the APK or Android App Bundle with a certificate that expires at a later date in the future. " (Italin - English, Google Translate).
The key should last 25 years from the creation, so I don’t understand this error.
Is there a way to solve this? Thank you.

Cristian Di Curzio

Croma Company

I also tried to create keys that should last 50 and 75 years but nothing changed

I followed these guides and it worked for me.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. There is an issue to create the valid keystore in the Galaxy Watch Studio Converter. It will be fixed from the next release. For a while keystore created by Watch Face Studio or Android Studio can be used.

Thank you.