Galaxy watch studio's sdbOverBluetooth phone is not detected

Hi, this is my first time developing a watch face in GWS, I can’t seem to find my phone in the run on device section. It detected my phone before, and when I unplug and replug, it won’t show up. My phone and my watch debugging mode are turned on.

Hi @hea1605679531,
Follow the steps below,

  1. Unplug your phone from your PC.
  2. Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Revoke USB debugging authorizations.
  3. Now, plug your phone again and you will see the RSA acknowledge key pop up and accept it.
  4. Open GWS and see the Run on device section.

Hopefully, you will find your phone in the list.


In addition to what Azad said, if you have Active2 or Galaxy Watch3 you can not connect with that over SDBoverBT, you must use a common wireless connection.

Follow all the steps in FAQ 23.

It details how to connect.

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Hello, sorry for the long answer, i think I have a Samsung gear s2 can that use sdboverbt?

Thanks, might try later

it detected my phone, but it won’t show the watch

First off are you running GWS or GWD, I can’t get connected with GWS because it doesn’t support Gear S2. You need Galaxy Watch Designer 6.2 or older and that requires 32 bit Java (x86) version

If you have GWD here is what needs to be done.

On your phone
go to settings make sure developer mode is enabled and USB Debugging is enabled

On your Watch.
go to settings scroll down to the end and make sure Debugging is turned on
go to About Watch setting and scroll down to software version tap on it 5 times until it says Developer Options enabled.
Restart everything phone computer and watch
Wait at least a minute check your watch make sure bluetooth is connected turn WiFi off
Open The app in your mobile and select device… watch your watch
a dialog asking if you will allow connect select don’t show again and the yes checkmark
It should say connected once that is done.

Launch GWD on your computer and plug your USB connection to Phone
It will ask to allow data transfer OK that
It will ask to accept RSA key first time and OK that

Go to GWD and select Run on Device The android pops up, click on it
Check your watch an RSA acknowledgement is then required on that.

If it doesn’t connect at this point let me know and I’ll install GWD 1.6 and Java and check how it does for me.

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ahh, sorry for the late reply. I’m running GWS. can GWS files opened with GWD? Might install GWD later

Hi @hea1605679531,
Yes the gwd file from GWS can be opened with GWD but probably some features could be disabled. However, you must switch to GWD 1.6.x or earlier for your Gear S2. See Supported Tizen OS and Watches for detail information.