Gear 2 SM-R380 no Connect to Computer

I’m not able to connect my Gear2 to my Computer. USB-Debugging is activated and if i connet the Gear to USB it begins to charging.
I have programmed a little app in Tizen Studio but it’s not possible to tranfer this to my Gear2.
What did i doing wrong?

I moved this to the Tizen Studio Category if you were using Galaxy Watch Designer let us know.

Tizen Studio Device Manager uses WiFi for connecting to your Watch.

If you want to do Bluetooth you need SDBoverBT installed on your mobile. Your mobile has to change connection method in the settings too. The default method is charging and resource transfer only.

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Have you turned on the Developer Mode of Gear2?

If not, please turn the Developer Option and try again. Please check this,

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Hello ron,
Thank you for your answer. So far I haven’t been able to connect the Gear 2 (SM-380) to my PC via USB. Only when I have managed that do I deal with the question of how to transfer the app. But I think that’s the smaller problem. I don’t think that debugging via BT is possible at all.

Hello Iqbal,
Thank you for your answer. I have activated the USB debugging, as far as I know, also the Developer Mode.

I’ve only tried connecting from Device manager by WiFi.
but with Galaxy Watch Studio here are some hints for connecting with BT

Scroll down to Software Version Tap 5 times on the software version and it will turn on Developer Options.
Scroll in About watch and it should say Debugging is on or have an option to turn debugging on… depending on the Tizen Version

On the Mobile Settings
Developer Options you have to Enable USB Debugging

Depending on your mobile device you will need to allow data transfer. It is not enabled by default on media.

Open the SDBoverBT app and select your device.

Create your Samsung Developer Certificate and Samsung Author’s Certificate not Tizen certificates.

If you can’t connect then try WiFi connection.

Samsung Developer Relations