No longer able to connect Galaxy Watch Active 2 to phone over sdboverbt

I had been able to create and run watch faces on a Galaxy Watch Active 2 using a Samsung Galaxy 8 and notebook PC. I believe there have been a couple of software updates to both devices since the last time I attempted to change a watch face. Now, when I have sdboverbt open and I select the watch I don’t get the connection. It should be this:
image but the red areas stay black. Socket : disable
Bluetooth : disable
SDB port : 0, GDB port : 0

Other forum combing hasn’t been successful so I’m posting new for an answer

You can not use SDBoverBT with Tizen 5.5 and Active2 has been updated to the latest Tizen version for the Health monitors.

You will need to sideload the watch faces by WiFi. If you don’t have a WiFi router you can set your phone up as a hot spot and connect your computer and watch to the phone.

I don’t know when they will fix this issue. It got me too because my work computer has firewalls and that is how I always connected.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you for the advice! I’ll stop trying to get the sdboverbt to work and dig out my old wireless router and try that.

Thank you again! I’m back in business and able to see the Gear Active 2 in the Samsung Watch Developer. I used an old smartphone, set up the hotspot, connected my laptop, watch, and current smart phone to it, and violá! While this is workable for now, I hope in the future an update will roll out to SDBoverBT to allow the connection via USB again.