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Hi, I managed to create my own Watch Design for the Fit2 Pro with the Galaxy Watch Designer Software.

Now I added a button (blue box, see attachment plz) and I want the Strava App for the Gear Fit2 Pro to be launched when the button is being tapped.

The Galaxy Watch Designer Software asks for the proper App ID of the Strava App for the Gear Fit2 Pro. Plz see screenshot… I need the App ID for STRAVA and SPOTIFY

is this the App ID:

It doesnt work, though. It doesnt launch the Strava App

Where do I find the correct App ID for STRAVA (and SPOTIFY)?



How you should do it is to use App Switcher as a button option for double tap the user can then select the app and after selecting it a single tap will open the selected app. This way if the App ID changes you can still select the app.

However a trick is to go to the store for the app and share it to your email address. It will send the App ID.

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Hi Ron, thx for your quick reply.

I am using Galaxy Watch Designer 1.62 beta since I was told this is the last version that will work with the Gear Fit 2 Pro.

Following your advice I found this tutorial

As you recommended, I was looking to share the Strava (and Spotify) App but simply can’t find the menu in the upper right corner where it’s supposed to give me the share option which should lead me to the desired App ID.

“Any other app from Galaxy Store: Select a wearable app in Galaxy Store. Tap on the menu in the upper right corner, then select share. Pick any email program. You will see the App ID of your chosen app in the email subject.”

Also in my version of the GWD there seems to be no AppSwitcher Option.

Can you -or gladly any one else - assist any further?


From the app in Play store, I emailed the developer, because the method of sharing it didn’t produce the correct ID.

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It worked for me right after the AppID= is the App ID you need to use. Are you using the Watch app or the mobile app? I don’t know if they have a separate ID for different countries but I assume they are localized.

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Hi, I also have a few question about the AppID. Can Someone tell me the AppID for the menu option, to start the workaround screen like Bike or Jogging and the AppID to open all installed programs. My device is a Gear Fit 2 Pro.

Here are some AppIDs, I found on the internet, that work with the Gear Fit 2 Pro.

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strava =
spotify = com.spotify.w-spotify-fit

dont know, what the following are good for… is there an official list from samsung?

testmode (Wecker)

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