Generating distribution certificate time out! TIME OUT!

It has been several days since Ive done my design. Everyday I would give a shot on that but it cames the same result. TIME OUT!

This has been escalated and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

This is affecting all Tizen Development but it should not affect Watch Face Studio. Did you just post in the wrong place?

Samsung Developer Relations

oh sorry, I am using the galaxy watch studio. seems I did post it in the wrong place, but still thanks for your reply, and hope it will be fixed soon…
btw, all I can do is wait, right?

sadly yes. you can fully test on your computer but to run on device you need that Distributor Certificate.

Hopefully it is fixed early next week.
I moved the thread to the GWS forum


same problem with me

Same problem here! It woud be nice if Samsung offered an alternative way to generate the certificates online vie browser login. “Timeout” is a somewhat meaningless message and seems to indicate that the certification server took too long to respond.

I guess there was an update and they didn’t reset the time settings. My understanding is this is only with generating an Author’s Certificate and you do not need a new one of those for each device. So if you have an author’s certificate you can still create a new Distributor Certificate for build and run on device.

If you don’t already have one, I reported this and hopefully they can fix it quickly Monday or Tuesday. (time zone differences)

Samsung Developer Relations

mine is solved. thanks, Ron.