Message read timed out

Bonjour, j’ai le message read timed out après avoir entré mon ID et PW?
Version 2.0.1 beta gear 3 classic


If this is in regard to creating a Distributor Certificate, you are the fourth person to report it.

It looks like this is a store issue. I’ve seen it happen before. Usually it works after a couple days. However be sure you are not using Internet Explorer as the default browser and I’m not sure on FireFox either.

If this drags on for more than a couple days let me know and I’ll escalate the issue.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello good evening. The same problem happens to me. I’ve been trying for several days and there is no way. Is there any other way to do it? Thank you!

6/28/2022 9:00 -8 GMT
Creating Author and Distributor Certificates worked for myself and another co-worker (both remote) this morning.

Samsung Developer Relations