Get external storage

Hi, how do I get a path to the external SD card on a Samsung device?
GetExternalStoragePublicDirectory and ExternalStorageDirectory always return /storage/emulated/0/ which is the internal storage.
I would like to have my app save backup files to the external card, but I cannot find a way to find the path to the external card.
I am using xamarin but code in java is fine, any help would e appreciated.
I googled for it but all the info seems to indicate that this is not possible on samsung devices?

As far as I know, “GetExternalStoragePublicDirectory” is not available since API 29. You can use FUSE but which may consume more time, actually not time effective.

You can use below APIs as alternative-

  1. getExternalFilesDir(String)
  2. MediaStore
    For more details, check the link- Environment  |  Android Developers
    Environment | Android Developers