How to get mounted path of USB on SAMSUNG Phone running android 11

Storage Volume apis not exposing mounted path of USB for Samsung phone after upgrading from android 10 to Android 11.

The built-in file explorer shows files in USB.

But in android api such as android.provider.MediaStore.getExternalVolumeNames(Context), the mount path not found. (It shows Primary and sdcard path. )

In Android 11 below, it works fine.

Please let me know how to get mounted path for android 11 ?

Android 4.4 is the first release of the platform that has actually allowed applications to use SD cards for storage. Any access to them prior to that was through private, unsupported APIs.

Issue is in latest version of android i.e on android 11
When USB drive is connected Samsung phone detects the drive and mounts it in Phone system . But in android 11 its not exposing that mount point where it mounted the drive . Just want to know what is solution to get this mount path in android 11 ?