Get Health Service data on background in GW4 (wearOS)

Hi, I’ve followed your tutorial about getting health data from GW4: Track Deadlift Exercise on Galaxy Watch | Samsung Developers
Everything works fine, but when the screen goes off, ExerciseClient does not provide data. I’ve put ExerciseClient is in a foreground service, I’ve tried many things (Alarm Manger, WorkManager, PowerManager) and none works. I’d need to still get data from ExerciseCliente when the screen goes off for Ambient mode. Any thoughts?

Hi Ismael,

This Exercise Statistics Blog might be of help.
There are a several blogs on Wear OS Health Services that also may help.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, that tutorial implements HealthServicesClient in the same way as the Track Deadlift Exercise tutorial that I mentioned before.
When screen is off, ExerciseUpdateListener doesn’t update data, so is not possible to implement ambient mode.

I wish I could help you more this isn’t my area, it is really an Android developer concern. They seem to post a new blog that I linked earlier every month or two. I don’t know if they have a contact there or if you can post a remark if so try for help that way.

Samsung Developer Relations