Is foreground service limited on Galaxy Watch 4?

Is foreground service limited on Galaxy Watch 4?
When sensor data is collected as a foreground service and the screen is turned off, sensor data collection does not work normally.
So, just in case, I looked to see if there is a foreground service limit, and I found the following article.

“I’m affected by the very same issue. I have created a support ticket with Samsung developer support and they have confirmed that “Samsung restricts foreground service to save more power from 3rd party applications”.”

It is necessary to check if there are any restrictions on the execution of foreground services on the Galaxy Watch 4.

This appears to be an issue for Wear OS Powered by Samsung and should be asked on the Wear OS developer discussion.

Try the Wear OS XDA forum or the Wear OS Developer forum on Redit

If this is Galaxy Watch4 specific issue please let me know that would be reported differently.

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