Pedometer - I can't add "Step counts" text object

I am trying to figure out a way to add a “Step counts” object as a pedometer, but it’s giving me the following message. Is there a way to add a pedometer object in addition to a temperature object?

"This feature cannot be used with below features:

  • Weather type
  • Current Temperature [I have this object on my design]
  • Weather Humidity
  • City name
  • Last update Time

To use this feature, disable above features or remove objects which have used above features."

When you use some type of weather information on the Watch face, these functions are disabled. If you want to insert both, you have to use tizen studio

Hi @Kood_Garma,
There’s no way to this in GWS as it doesn’t support weather and health components to be used together. As Dany said you have to use Tizen Studio in this regard but keep in mind that you need to have some coding skills to design watch face in Tizen Studio.