Going to AOD rather quickly

Hi All,

I hope all is well.

Watch: Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

After designing my first watch, I am noticing the watch face is switching to AOD very quickly after looking at my watch.

Like this.

AOD ON → Look at watch → AOD OFF → 5 Seconds → Still looking at watch → AOD ON AGAIN

This behaviour is different from the stock watchface when I brought the device.

Have I missed a setting in WFS? Can I adjust this behaviour?

Thanks all

WFS has nothing to do with the AOD it may be you had a watch update that reset the time out
Settings > Display > scroll down a long ways until you get to Screen Timeout and you can set it for 15 sec, 30 sec or a minute.

You can also modify the motions to awaken it as well so it is less likely to go to AOD.

Samsung Developer Relations