Possible to make a moving aod?

Is it possible to make an AOD that moves every minute to prevent screen burn since the original aod’s has that disabled?

Sure it is possible, but I think it is completely unnecessary, the smartwatches do not live long enough for burn in effect causing real trouble.

I just got mine replaced after 2 weeks of usage and getting severe burn-in. I do not feel like sending my watch back again and therefore I am trying to make an AOD that moves but I haven’t figured out the watch face studio just yet.

You can do it, but I think it is overkill. The burn in map calculation in the preview is probably too dramatically looking displaying only 3 different levels.

I have a Gear Sport that is 5 years old now and going strong. When I got a new one my Granddaughter started wearing it constantly.


You are allowed to think so but it’s not the subject at hand. So either try to help me figure out how to make it happen or stop responding if you can’t be of any help

AOD’s move by default they constantly shift pixels, I see on Redit several people reported Burn in. It seems to be on new watches and is noticeable within weeks. Getting a replacement seems to be the solution.

I’m sorry that you had the issue I’d ask for a full replacement not a fix if it happens again.

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Standard in stock Watch faces or in the watch face studio?

And as a cherry on top, pixel shift is disabled on the galaxy watch 4 unless you get a custom watch face from somebody who implemented it.

As far as I can tell it is part of the operating system no way for it not to pixel shift.
It could be that there are some poorly designed AOD’s that cancel out the pixel shifting.

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You do know that the screen burn protection was omitted in the galaxy watch 4 series right? That sadly includes the AOD.
The only other way (except making your own watch face or getting one that somebody else has made) is to get bubble cloud.

I was willing to help you, but since you did not describe what you already can do in the WFS, nor what and how do you imagine to move on the AoD design, to answer question of your thread topic, I just told you it was possible. So if you are still interested, would you first be more specific what kind of advice do you expect? Like teach me WFS?

Here is users guide for it.

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I’m pretty sure Galaxy Watch4/5 has pixel burn-in prevention as native (built-in) on OS level.

It was discussed many times and confirmed by Samsung/ Google. You don’t see force burn-in protection in the developer options because It’s not needed on an OLED watch (no point of enabling/disabling it)

Just as @r.liechty_SDP said. You need watch replacement, this is definitely hardware issue. I had one customer with burn-in issues even after screen replacement so maybe whole watch needs to be replaced.


It is possible.

Once you select your AOD Time element, on the top right of Properties is Position.
I used this tag for my Y axis: -31+[HOUR_1_12]*25
So every hour the AOD time in slightly lower on the watchface until 12:59.
at 1:00. it goes back to the top.

You could use different tags if you wanted it to move more (or less)

Thank youuuu so much!

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I did check on this and you are correct . In Galaxy Watch, the system module disabled the shift function for ambient mode because the Galaxy Watch display is robust. Also WFS’s OPR constraint is sufficient to prevent burn-in.

It is not recommended to use any shifting because to do so may have an issue with other brands that do shift pixels. If Burn-in is indeed of great concern to you then @Target seems to have the best solution for a digital read out.

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