How to make AOD display correct time

SM-R895F, One-UI 4.0, R895FXXU1FVE1 , System 11, Wear OS 3.2

How can I make the watch hands move to correct time while in AOD-sleep mode? They jump to correct time when the watch is woken by raising my hand, but show incorrect time (freezed) while i AOD-sleep mode.

There is no Seconds in AOD mode (except on preinstalled one for Medical teams) other than that your AOD mode should show the correct minute hours and dates.

Having said that there was a bug in one version of WFS that was quickly corrected where the AOD Time didn’t update. If you built this watch face update to the latest version of Watch Face Studio 1.1.14. If you downloaded it check for an update.

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Tnx! Had done everything but the re-compile. Works perfect now.

Hi Ron


No - it doesn’t work perfectly. I created this face yesterday and unfortunately, I noticed it didn’t update the hour hand in AOD mode.
As I said before, the watch is updated with all updates after the faulty …EVA8 from feb, 10th. And WFS is the latest 1.1.14.

In the attached video, the hour hand actually moves a whole 5 minutes when going from AOD to woken up - since it’s a 24-hour hand.
Also attached the project file.

(Interesting what you said about the “pre-installed one for medical teams”… Is it possible to see code for that face, or even get the face? :blush:)

Anderssun 24 (5.7 MB)

br, Anders

Yes I saw what you saw.

I see this in the Wear OS ambient mode documentation
If the user interacts with the watch again within a certain time frame, Wear OS brings the user back into the app where they left off.

I left the watch in in AOD mode for about 15 minutes and I did not see it jump when it went active. Let me know if you see the same behavior.

I can’t find it now. It may have been a Tizen watch or it may have been something that had to be downloaded from the store.

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