Google Curse - Invalid Graphics - Solution!

I was caught by the google curse - incorrect graphics.
So I have a question for the team that are now seamlessly passing the faces to the store. Could you please tell me what graphics you put in the windows:

  • graphics
  • screenshots from the phone
  • screenshots from a 7-inch tablet
  • screenshots from a 10 inch tablet
  • Wear OS screenshots?
    Are these just screen shots of the watch face, or are you inserting some pictures of the watches?
    Do you put them on any background or transparent and what dimensions?
    Or maybe the only problem is the graphics in the Wear OS screenshots window, and the rest may be the same?
    Unfortunately, these pseudo Google specialists are not able to answer these simple questions in a simple and logical way. They keep typing standard formulas in which even the proportions of the graphics do not match those in the captions under the windows in the console.

You will help, because they rejected a set of 3 faces for the third time.

Here is what I do:

  • screenshots from the phone: None
  • screenshots from a 7-inch tablet: None
  • screenshots from a 10 inch tablet: None
  • Wear OS screenshots: Screenshot from watch face studio or watch itself but in JPEG format. By default they will be in the png format with Alpha (transparency). Use some photo editing app and export as JPEG without transparency and upload those.

I had same problem recently and was able to fix it with this method. Hope this helps.

I received the same email from the Google team. Do they really want me to delete the watch image and only leave the watch face?

OK, but please write, do you put the screenshots on a background or without a background?
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This tells you details Add preview assets to showcase your app - Play Console Help

Wear OS: If you’re distributing an app to Wear OS devices, you’ll need to add at least one watch screenshot. Here are the requirements to follow when adding Wear OS screenshots:

  • Upload screenshots with a minimum size of 384 x 384 pixels, and with a 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Provide screenshots showing only your app interface. Screenshots must demonstrate the actual in-app or in-game experience, focusing on the core features and content so users can anticipate what the app or game experience will be like.
    *** Don’t frame your screenshots in a Wear OS hardware device.**
  • Don’t include additional text, graphics, or backgrounds in your Wear OS screenshots that are not a part of your app’s interface.
  • Don’t include transparent backgrounds or masking.

I read it, but so far it has gone through graphics like mine above.
Now they consider it a problem, there was no problem before. :grin: :grin: :grin:

I am using photos of Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Now I have added one image that has nothing but the watch face itself in .jpg format.
I will write the results when I get information from Google.

We are like Don Quixote, we fight the windmills.
I feel that they are supposed to discourage us from such a large number of publications, of course, these are just my assumptions.
I added new graphics, just in case I added a new version of the application, the update consisted only in changing the numbers, no interference in the application code. And what? If the graphics are ok, according to Google, the app does not work properly. And it worked properly before? There is something wrong with these testers. Maybe they are producing scheduled statistics, 200 admitted, 100 rejected. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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I answer and explain what graphics should be placed to be correct.
In the icon field, we put our own graphics with an aspect ratio of 512x512 on a transparent background, without added shadows. PNG or JPG / JPEG format. May be in the watch icon.
My example (correctly goes to the store):

In the graphics field, to be used in other parts of the google store or their applications. Custom graphics in 500x1024. I also post here without shadows, but on my own background.
My example (correctly goes to the store):

Graphics / screenshots section for Wear OS. The so-called 1: 1 graphics, with me the aspect ratio of 450x450. Screenshots taken on the watch, placed in a square with a white background. A minimum of 4, of which the first 2 must be a perfect reflection of the face placed in the store. I do one for each display version: normally 24H and 12H and AOD 24H and 12H.
My example (correctly goes to the store):

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