WFS Compatibility problem


I have installed WatchFaceStudio 1.3.13, and I have updated my Google play apps.

now in Android studio i have created two virtual devices, one smartphone and one smartwatch.

Pixel 3A API 31, and Wear OS API 28.

In this way I can test my companion app, which works.

But when smartwatch opens google play to install watch face, it says: that the application is not compatible…

I don’t understand how it is not compatible ?

I have also tried with Wear OS API 30, and again I receive msg: the application is not compatible.

But when I directly install watch face without Google play, then it works normally…

how to correct that problem?

From google play, it says: 59 supported device models

how much your watch face support devices ?

what means: Not opted in ?

I hope you can help me

Thank you

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Hi. You most probably forgot to opt-in for Wear OS form factor in the Play Console.

Go into Setup > Advanced settings > Form Factors
and opt-in for Wear OS. Your app then need to be re-verified again by Google.

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ok. I will try that now

Thank you :slight_smile:


how to do this ?

when I go here: Setup > Advanced settings > Form Factors

did you do the same ?

as I dont have testers :confused:

You don’t need testers. Just add your own email address :slightly_smiling_face:

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ok. I have done done that, please see screenshoots:


Under Releases overview:

Form factors:

Device catalog:

but for some unknown reason when i click on View on Google Play link, I get this:

although it says:
Available on Google Play
Full rollout

I don’t understand why that is? was there a mistake, or do I have to do something else?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

One thing more, I found this msg:

I dont know what this means ?

Thank you

You need to publish wear os aps under dedicated ‘Wear OS only’ track :slight_smile:

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I would never find it :melting_face: :sweat_smile:

Thank you again

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I just want to say, that everything is working :slight_smile:

thank you amoledwatchfaces

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