Google play wear os companion app

It has been 2 weeks since the initial release approved.

After adding a companion app a week ago as instructed here by @gmpanh 's post, I once can choose to install it to my watch on my phone’s Play Store app.

But after I made a new release bundle (with both the watch face and the companion app), I can no longer install it to my watch on my phone’s Play Store app, but can only do this from a browser.

If you add an update of the WF, you have to make sure that the Companion App app is included. Otherwise you have it like you describe it. Check it in the Play Console

Thanks for reminding! But, yes, I had it included. Every release bundle contains two AABs.

I think the problem is in the Play Store app because it shows “Install on more devices” when visiting Play Store from a web browser.

I have exact same issue as yours on the latest watchface i uploaded on 25th Dec. It was uploaded with helper app. Both bundles were added together correctly.

I can see devices compatible and shown in web playstore BUT phone playstore app is not showing wear os devices in the install button for phone playstore app. This behaviour is NOT on previous watchfaces BUT this new one.

I believe there is an issue again with regards to Phone playstore app and wear os devices are not shown even with helper app bundle.

Hi @gmpanh MainActivity need a link but how you get the link from play store of the watch faces if you must publish both in the same time??
Maybe i’missing something.

The way to upload bundled apps changed in March (after this thread) See this thread on the current way to upload bundled apps.

Not sure if this is the answer for your question but it is a two step process now so maybe it is.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hi Ron question 1: can I publish the watch faces without companion app?
question 2: if i build companion app i can integrate only one watch faces?
question 3: how you get the link from play store of your new watch faces if you must publish both
companion app and watch face in the same time?
In my opinion, you must first publish the watch face in the play store, then you must make the application for smartphones and put the links from all the watch faces to all the respective buttons.
Maybe I’m wrong but can someone tell me how to do it correctly?

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1 - Yes, but it won’t show on mobile playstore, only on the watch/web playstore.
2 - For each watch face you will need a companion app, because each companion ID, must be the same as the watch face ID. You can copy and paste the same code every time though.
3 - The link is:[The app or watch face id here]
[edit: Reformat URL so it does not autolink]

You have 3 options:
1 - Upload just the watch face. The watch face won’t show on mobile playstore, as I said previously.
2 - Upload the watch face along with a companion app (differente .aab for each app, because each .aab needs to match the watchface id. Can be the same code). Then the watch face will show up on mobile/watch and web playstore. It will be more “foundable”. Best option!
3 - Upload the watch face without companion app, then same condition from 1, but you can make a “catalog” app for your brand, where you will have all your watch face listed along with a link for them. The downside is that users, usually, dont download those kinds of apps unless it has something “extraordinary”, like cupons…


@dect Thanks, you explained everything very well.

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Hi there. I need help with the companion/wearOS apps. This is what i did, and clearly there’s something wrong:

  1. Made a watchface with WFS, built the aab
  2. Made a companion app with the same package name and sign, different build number, built the aab
  3. Uploaded the watchface as first apk for the app on Play Store
  4. Activated the WearOS form factor
  5. After the review, i have the same aab for both form factors, so i uploaded the companion app for the smartphone form factor. For my understanding, in this way the app should become visible from phone and watch and work properly
  6. Well, developer console doesn’t agree, since when i upload the aab, i can’t publish the build, getting the You can't rollout this release because it doesn't allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added app bundles error (fun fact: i have 0 users :D).

I’m stuck there. Any advice is well appreciated, and thanks in advance!

I didn’t understand what you did, but anyway, the error is because of the version code. The current number is equal/lower then the previous one (the one already uploaded), just increase the number and submit again…

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Nope, the number is greater. The uploaded version has build number 1, the new version I’m trying to upload has build number 3. And that’s almost the only reason for this error i can find on stackoverflow. But, as i said, that’s not my case. The wearOS build has just been accepted for release (it was in internal testing). Can this be the issue?

Are you changing the Version Code or Version Name in WFS it sounds like you might have changed the version code An integer and not changed the Version name something like 1.0.1 from 1.0.0

Version Code is for your use, Version Name (Version Number) is for the end user to know what version they have. see this note on StackOverflow

Samsung Developer relations

Hi Ron, thanks for the assistance. As you can see in the above screenshot, i left the same version number (and this shouldn’t be an issue), while updating the build number. I’m aware of this rules, since I develop apps for work :slight_smile: but I’m approaching the watchfaces world just lately. I have no idea of how i could proceed, my guess is that, since I’m updating a WearOS app (the watchface) using a smartphone compatible app (the companion app) something breaks, even if i have the WearOS release track active (using the same aab I’m trying to update in the smartphone release track). I’m probably missing something stupid, since I can’t seem to find solutions to this issue, and in my experience, when this happens, there’s a silly error on my side ._.

Are your wear os and phone track together? If its old way you can upload both together, if it is not it has to be separated… i might have gotten it wrong, but seems to me that u r uploading them together, but its the new way for u (the v1 is your watch app, and the v3 is ur phone app, right?)

In short (new way of submitting):

  • create the .aab from wfs
  • create the .aab from android studio
    *same package and sign. Different version code
  • create a new app on console site
  • fill all the forms
  • in advance settings enable wear os format
  • upload the screenshots
  • go to production, select the countries
  • create a new version on the phone track (“smartphones, tables and chrome os”)
  • upload the companion (phone app) .aab
  • create a new version on the wear os track (“only wear os”)
  • upload the watchface .aab
  • enable the wear os distribution (on the advanced tab)
  • send to review

Translation doesn’t help lol, sorry

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Ok, this is exactly what I did except 1 thing that is causing this problem: i uploaded the watchface in the main (smartphone tablet etc) track at first. So now, when I try to replace it with the companion app, i have this error. I contacted Google support, but I refuse to believe i have to recreate the entire app on the store because of this :thinking:

So that error is because the phone app does not have in the manifest the type watch feature (probably).


  • While creating the new version of the phone app, include the wrong bundle in the new release. Therefore, if I’m not wrong, both will be “available” for the user (thus, no more error of upgrade). As the bundle that has the type watch (that is in the phone track) will be distributed, but wont have any supported device…

First thing first, thanks for the advices, i really appreciate it. I tried this as well, but in such case, the error is " APKs and bundles must not require the following features:"
I’m literally stuck! :disappointed_relieved: And what’s worst, i did this for 4 different watchfaces I’m trying to publish.

You should upload in the proper category. There is a dropdown there.

Again, i did. The WearOS track contains the watchface, the smartphone etc track contains a previous build of the same watchface, and I’m trying to overwrite this build with the companion app, getting the above errors. I’m waiting for the Google support answer, I’m out of ideas.