GPS from watch while connected to a phone

I have been developing a standalone app for Samsung Watch using Tizen .NET. The purpose of the app is to present distances to certain areas on a selected golf course, this works farily well but I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to why we use the GPS on the phone (when connected to a phone) rather than the watch itself, seeing as a lot of golfers put the phone in the bag resulting in subpar or zero GPS reception.

I have figured out how to detect if a phone is connected to the watch and if so, the user is prompted that if they would like to use the GPS on the watch they should turn bluetooth off on their phone. This feels too much like a half measure on my part and I would like to present the user the ability to get readings using internal GPS or stick to using the phone GPS. From my research I’ve seen a few apps able to use the watch GPS while connected to a phone, is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction? And no it doesn’t necessarily have to be for .NET, I’m willing to rebuild everything in a different language to get this to work…

Hi, in native api you can check if GPS in ON/OFF but cannot detect if app uses internal or smartwatch module. You cannot enable GPS programatically - just open GPS settings view.