GPS data and Functions

Dear, our Glaxy Watch may be the best watch for me, but in GWD I need to use GPS data (ie. on/off, speed, position, direction, etc.) At moment it’s impossible. GPS is one of the most imprtant funciotn for the activities. I need to develope a SAILING watch face / or APP. How can I do?
My very old Suunto (8 years)…make it easy !
Please…help me :wink:
Thx in advance

GWD is not the right program to do anything with GPS. It may display the actual speed, but I am not sure about the units. When sailing, I guess you want to see knots.

Maybe Tizen studio has the needed features, but I’m not sure, and there are programming skills needed.

Dear Peter thx for your reply. But there is some question: the speed was keep from…GPS or other sensor? So, if GPS…are always power ON or I can set a button to turn ON/OFF? The distance was keep from….GPS or pedometer? Tizen was very complex in C+ Language. I’m an old programmer but it’s not easy. At years 2000 I hope a visaule tools also…to make it easy. :slight_smile:
Thx for all.

The distance is taken from s-health (derived from steps count) not from GPS.
I could confuse it with something else, but I thought in new Tizen firmware version it was possible to pick features of the swipe down quick menu and GPS was one of them. Can’t verify it myself. My watch has original firmware again, and I’m not going to update it as long, as I’m not forced to.

Hi Peter thx for your interest. Unfortunately the distance from s-health are not exact and usefull for my project (if I 'm sitting in car or boat, apparently I don’t walk, but I’m moving ) :slight_smile:So, that’s not a good info… We are waiting for news and upgrade !