GPS is not available when screen is locked

I have a app which use GPS location. When application is on the screen everything is OK. But once I lock the screen the GPS are not available via LocationManager.requestLocationUpdates, the result via call back function is none and via LocationManager.getCurrentLocation I get Location = null. App in locked screen is still alive when I ask for Locations. Mobile Galaxy A13 and Android studio Dolphin. Does anyone have some help with it ?

Hey @mm1, To investigate the issue further we need the below information.

  1. Which version of android you’re testing on?
  2. Did you tried any other devices for testing other than Samsung? If so, then let us know what you found.

Hello Yasin,

Android version is 12.

I did not tried on other device than Samsung, I have only Samsung devices.

But when using

Find My Mobile


I get location even if mobile is locked. So by my opinion there have to be any options I should add to my code. I tried several “helps” from net but result is none.

Best regards



any progress with this issue ?

Hey @mm1,

As you’re using android API to perform location operations,
we suggest you report this issue to the Google Issue tracker.

Furthermore, if you’re not facing this issue with any other phone,
please report this issue to the Samsung developer tech support channel.

Make sure, the dumpstate log is attached with the issue.