Samsung s24 new version ui6.1 android version 14

HI my location is not updated when my app is in background all the samsung mobile working fine instead of samsung s24 android versioin 14 ui version 6.1

All the permission are allowed

Can you please explain more detail about the issue? The functionality of the app and when the issue occurs?

When i am using my app in samsung one ui core version 4.1 android version 12
it is working fine
when i am using samsung s24
when user open app in background then not getting user location i am trying to get user location in my app all the mode .when user app on or off or in background
it is not working fine samsung s24
in my galaxy A21s it is working

Please report the issue to the Support | Samsung Developers with reproduction path and dumpstate log. To collect dumpstate log follow this page.

Get device logs | Knox Platform for Enterprise | Samsung Knox Documentation