GPS Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

GPS on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t work. (One UI Watch 4.5, Wear OS 3.5, Google Play 22.18.20, 11 version)


  2. android.location.Location API 31

Both implementations don’t work!

Watch wasn’t connected to phone

I moved this to watch face studio from the mobile topic as it is the only thing close to Watch4 users.

This is probably a permission that needs to be allowed after the update. Go to your settings and see if Location is allowed. Permissions often get turned off after an update.

If that isn’t it and I assume you aren’t asking as a developer I would recommend you use the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

Samsung Developer Community