Grouping of complications

Hello, my name is Björn and I am new to this forum. I’m experimenting like crazy and since I’m fairly new to WFS, my questions might be pretty basic:

  1. Is it a bug, intentional or just not ready yet that complications can’t be grouped or masked? Will it be possible at some point later in WFS?

  2. Are the fixed complications also affected by the infamous [SC] bug?

Thank you

Hi. I’ll try to answer

  1. intentional. Group element can not contain Complication slot.
    Group | Android Developers
  2. yes. Bug will be most probably fixed with November 1 security patch



Thanks Tomas! Well, that’s a shame. This prevents some possibilities.
Regards Björn

Here I have to correct myself. Complication, fixed or not, will work correctly on Pixel Watches, issue is directly with [SC], [SC_PER], [SC_GOAL]

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