[GUIDE]install wfs watch faces by adb commands

If anyone has problems with “run on device of WFS” due to being unable to connect to wfs by wireless.
you can use this method to push your design to the watch for testing.

knowledge of ADB command line (DOS) is needed for this.

first in WFS click “publish” to publish/build your watch face into a apk.

Build and upload from Watch Face Studio | Samsung Developers

refer to

Preparing watch faces for publishing

then after you have publishing you do not need to upload unless you want to put to google play.

you need to just go to the build folder.

e.g C:\Users\myaccount\WatchFaceStudio\build\thisisatest
thisisatest = project folder.

then pair and connect with ADB
after connected successfully to your watch

run adb install nameofapk.apk

The only way I can get WFS and my Sam Galaxy 5 watch to communicate is to use adb to make the connection, then when i go back into WFS - viola, they now speak the same dialect of Korean, lol.

BTW, if you insert a -g flag before the package name, it will automatically grant permissions, like

adb install -g android.sample.package.apk

But good looking out on the problems with WFS not talking to the watch and posting a workaround.

Hi, are u using a lan network on a pc?
My watch gw 5 pro and wfs are on wireless so no much of issues