GW4 users want WFs that have the same information and functions of the original ones

Is there any plan to add tags and/or complications that access to the Samsung Health app?
I mean, at the moment it is not possible to create a watch face similar to the Health Dashboard+, for example. The HR is not read continuously (as set in the health app), the steps target is not the same of health app, and a lot of other info are missing.
I known that the idea under watch face studio is to create WFs compatible with all WearOS smartwatches, but the GW4 owners are a lot penalized at the moment using custom WFs.

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This brings me to my old question. Whose tool is the WFS?
Does the deal between Samsung and Google prohibit it from making two grades of watch faces?

Since the publisher can pick which devices is the watch face compatible with (as the platform was not truly unified), why cannot the WFS give the option to the designer in beginning of “new project” to check whether to use all possible advantages of GW4, or just continue to try make it universal?

I guess it would also need some change on the s-health side, but still why not make GW4 plug-in for the WFS?


As far as I know, Health APIs are not public, you need to sign up as partner of the Health dev platform, and only verified partners seem to be allowed to (not sure about this but for sure you’ve to apply to get the approval).

So at the moment only some developers can create apps/WFs - I suppose with Android Studio - that access to Health data.

If Samsung wants to keep a high quality level, I suppose that WFS is exactly what can bring Health data to all WF devs, since WFS devs can just use the tags/complications already and properly built by Samsung itself, without possibility to make “code” errors.

In any case the point is that at the moment GW4 owners have just a couple of watch faces that properly access to all the data (like health dashboard+), and this is quite ridiculous in my opinion. Even my Galaxy Fit 2 has more watch faces!! :rofl:

I’ve requested this and it is well understood.

When Watch Faces were developed with Tizen Studio, they did not have access to Samsung Health data either. GWS was able to access private non public health API.

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I never had a Galaxy Watch with Tizen and I never used GWS.
What I’m saying is that it sounds quite strange that developing WFs for the new GW4 is having so many limitations.
Months are passing and WFs are still limited. WFs developers are forced to explain to their costumers why 50% of specific features are not present or not working as expected. This is frustrating.
I hope this will be solved soon.

The limitations are in context to the options available in Galaxy Watch Studio. For Wear OS watches there is more functionality than there was with Android Studio tools.

Wear OS powered by Samsung is a new platform. Watch Face Studio is a new tool and Samsung Health has not been fully updated for Wear OS Powered by Samsung. That and the Play Store review process is what has caused this.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Have anyone already downloaded and used the new version? Any update about our S.Health? :slightly_smiling_face:

Samsung Health is not a WFS issue but a Wear OS issue. As I understand the issue WFS can’t directly add data from Samsung Health like was possible in GWS. You will need to use a complication to get the information.

The last report I got was they were adding some complications but I don’t know what or when.

Samsung Developer Relations

Ok, now I get the point.