No Samsung Health complications work in WFS on the Galaxy Watch 4

I’ve set up empty providers on the complications, but then on the watch when I try and set one of the complications to get data from Samsung Health it doesn’t display anything, just the title.

So if I try and get heart rate then it just displays the word “Heart Rate” but not the actual heart rate. Tapping on the complication on the watch screen opens the heart rate app though.

Is this because the Samsung Health choices are just app shortcuts and contain no actual data about the thing in it?

If so, then how do we display heart rate data from WFS?

Just like Tizen Developers for Tizen OS you can not access the Samsung Health it is a proprietary algorithm. You could do it with GWS because that had access to the private API.

You can use Tags for HeartRate See This Thread

It is possible to check whether the “Measure heartrate” tap action works as well with other Tag expressions.
With [HR_IS_MEASURING] tag, you can notice that the heartrate is measuring by the action or not. Try it on opacity or rotation property for any visual component such as Image or Text. The property of the component will be updated while the HR sensor is working.
Also you can see the result of the measuring action through a Text component with [HR] tag.
※Note: the HR sensor works only while the device is wearing on the wrist.

Having said that there is a long discussion that it does not work quite right.

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