GWD 1.8.1 dissapoints me every day :))

I am going crazy with GWD,
1st Issue i encounter every day is that when i add an image to the face, then go in photoshop change colors of the image SAVE IT WITH THE SAME FILE NAME and add it again in GWD, it still displays the old image, i have to rename the file for it to display properly.
From my 10 year IT background, it seems there is a cache, that saves the name and the image, only managed to solve this by deleting some file in the GWD directory (cache or temp files)

2nd issue: white noise appears on cut pictures or half transparent ones, also same white noise appears if a too darker shadow is applied on pictures via photoshop, always have to tone down oppacity for it to look good on the watch, and not have white noise border lines

3rd issue i found out today:
Tag expressions on opacity for images + weather complications hide all pictures that have Tag Expressions ,but only on the watch, in GWD everything seems fine :joy:

would really need a fix for this issues,
and also comment below what other issues you detected with GWD
Thank you

Hi Raza
I have to agree with you on the first issue, it is frustrating to keep saving the changed file with a new name eating into a lot of disk space. I really don’t know the reason why.
The second issue can be connected to your display properties, color optimization, and screen calibration. you might have to play around with that in the settings of your display on your PC. I have seen jagged edges specially when I use my tv as my monitor. Screen size can be another factor for that. Also when you see it on the watch itself it does not show , at least for me.
Rasterized psd files when converted to png tend to have the same effects as you mentioned. Files created in AI and then exported as .png do not have the same pixelization /jagged/shadow effects at least for me.
The third issue about using tags in weather watches, I really thought it was not possible at all to begin with

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thanks for your reply,
for 2nd point i can only see it on my watch ,on my Notebook in GWD everything is fine :grin:, will have to try the AI version you mentioned, or maybe try importing .psd files directly in GWD,not saving them anymore as PNG, hope I don’t get to 100MB faces this way :joy:

for 3rd issue, i had the weather complication saved, under my complications, and that is how i added it to the face, the tag expressions are on another picture, nothing to do with weather , and funny enough it looked perfect in GWD, just dissapeared on my watch

The first issue has been present from the very first version of GWD. It has been requested and discussed multiple times and other than constantly clearing the cache, there is no workaround. I completely agree that having GWD automatically refresh and update images changed in an outside app would be a huge benefit in terms of workflow. You can make a post in Feature request forum section and invite people to vote on your suggestion. Writing here will not do much good if you actually want to influence a change.

PNG issues you describe - you’re probably doing something wrong in Photoshop while exporting PNG’s. They come out perfect for me, with zero problems.

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this is what i mean by white noise, there are 2 layers in GWD only, one is the grey background 360x360, other layer is the dial with inner shadow effect done in PS, scaled down from 600x200 to 270x90 px in GWD.
Only managed to get rid of the white noise by changing the oppacity of the inner shadow in PS, thanks to a friends suggestion, that also has the same issue as me.

PS = Photoshop
px = pixels

about saving PNGs ,i go to save as, select PNG from drop down list, then have both middle options selected out of the 4, they are set as standard,
2nd option is something about compression (smallest file size) and i can’t remember the 3rd option selected as standard
I always use 8bit images, i think those are standard selected as well in PS.
Tell me please how can i improve this? or where am i doing wrong? :grin:

Why are you using GWD to scale images? This makes zero sense. Prepare your images appropriately in advance, with correct image resolution.

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Use the highest quality and check if the noise goes away . Also try exporting instead of saving because there are some parameters you can control better with exporting

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GWD certainly does have its quirks. I found Facer when I was researching alternatives and have found it far easier to use while being just as flexible. Plus it is a web app that requires no software installation and, thankfully, no JAVA. Here’s the link to the designer: Facer Designer. Note that you have to install the Facer app on your watch to make it all work.