GWD: Upload on Galaxy Watch Active 2 Tizen 5 not possible anymore

I’ve created a watch face for my Active 2 (Galaxy Watch) and wanted to update it.
I created it about a year ago.
When I open the file (now with GWD2.0) and click run, there is an error message (see screenshot).
Even when I like … to upload a simple image for testing purposes, the same error occurs.

I have a valid certificate. Also the watch is found on my network.
SDB is said not to work anymore on Tizen 5 (therefore I used WiFi).

When Active 2 updated to Tizen 5.5 it requires a new distributor Certificate and you need to accept the RSA Encryption key again. Both of those will give the same -12 certificate error.

If you don’t know how to force the RSA Encryption key acceptance I can help.

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can you tell me, hoe to get a new certificate?

Hi @ale1594578012,

Follow the steps below to generate a new distributor certificate,

  1. Open your watch face design in Galaxy Watch Studio (GWS).
  2. Make sure your watch is connected to your computer and both date and time are same on watch and computer.
  3. Go to Project->Distributor Certificate and a new window will pop up.
  4. You will see the device ID will be automatically appeared in Connected Device ID . If you don’t see it please connect your watch appropriately. (See how to connect here)
  5. Sign in to your Samsung account and the distributor certificate will be generated successfully.
  6. Now, try to deploy the watch face design to your watch.

To Force a new RSA key acknowledgement:

  1. Close Galaxy Watch Studio.
  2. If you are on windows (10 for example) go to your “Users”-folder of the logged in account and search for a “.tizen” hidden folder. There are 2 files in it called “sdbkey” and “”.
  3. Delete those files or move them somewhere.
  4. Restart your computer don’t just turn it off and back on to clear GWS Caches.
  5. Restart your watch.


Thanks it worked.
etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc