I can't upload the watch face, please help

I have a problem with uploading my own watch faces, which I once loaded on GW 4 and there were no problems. Now the upload reaches 65% and an error message is displayed. Text attached.
Please help what is wrong.

I think you meant GW3 watch running Tizen 4. (GW 4 is Wear OS not Tizen).

People are reporting this a lot there are two causes for this error.
One is you have not accepted the RSA encryption key You have to do this see the FAQ 23

Another issue is that the certificate has expired and for that you cannot create a new Distributor Certificate with GWS any longer you need to use Tizen Studio OR
if you have the Distributor Certificate already, just turn the time back on your watch and computer by a year and then you can run on device.

If that doesn’t work there are instructions on how to use the old fit2 Installer to do this.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, of course it’s my mistake. I meant GW (SM-R800), not GW4. Thank you for the quick answer, I will try to implement it.