GWS and weather data autorefresh

I’m trying to create a simple weather watchface in Galaxy Watch Studio. I added the API key, set the auto refresh to 10 minutes, then added temperature and last update time in the watchface. The problem is that the weather data is never refreshed on the watch. I have set to double tap temperature to update weather data, this always works. But it does not update after the mentioned interval.
I have tested on real watch. The default weather data from the watch is set to update every hour. But still, my watchface never updates, not even every hour.
What can I do to have the weather auto refresh?

Thank you.

Hi @cri1599477052,

The developer team of GWS is aware of this issue and hopefully it will be resolved in the next release. Currently, the default weather update time is 120 minutes so it gets refreshed after every 2 hours. It is also mentionable that this couldn’t be always exactly 2 hours because it also depends on the OpenWeatherMap server.


@azad Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. At least now it makes sense why it’s sometimes not updating and sometimes only after a few hours :slight_smile: Hope this will be fixed soon.