Weather Watch Face not showing weather

Hi, guys i have design a watch face in GWD 1.8.1 also put my OpenWeather API it works fine in Simulator but on my real watch it’s all black no weather data is being shown :confused: So is there any way to see the weather on real watch as well ? or I am good to go to release it anyway and it will work fine for other users… P.S Bluetooth and Wifi both are on, Other watch faces from other designers are working fine on my watch but my own not :frowning:

I believe you need to have location settings turned on in your phone, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your watch to improve location accuracy. Which is why weather faces consume a lot of battery.

everything is on, as i said other watch faces are working fine. Only the one i created in GWD is not working.

Some things to consider
If this is Galaxy Watch Designer 1.8.x select any digital clocks on your watch and for language Settings, Select all then change them back to what you had before. This might be true for GWS as well. They added new languages and it wrote over the other memory allocation and has to be reset.

What API key are you using? If you purchased one it may not work with Galaxy Watch Studio on the watch.

Finally if you use bitmaps for the weather and it isn’t an exact match then nothing shows but that wouldn’t explain the 0 temp.

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