Weather does not update

Is there an issue with the weather app? If you Google “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 weather does not update,” you’ll find many people complaining that it has issues recently - it used to work. I have found that I can update the weather to my watch {push} from my phone, using the Galaxy wearables app and opening the weather app to manually update it. However, when I updated from the watch (pull}, it does not update. It just spins like it is attempting to. My hunch is that the last update to the Weather app broke something. Any insights?

I think I know he issue it was doing it on my Active 2 as well.

Open the Wearable app on your mobile
touch home tab
select apps
select weather
change refresh from every 6 hours to hourly

Because this is an end user question it will be removed soon. This forum is just for Watch Developer/Designer questions.

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This is not an end user issue because I did what you suggested. I am fairly certain it’s an application issue with the Weather app. It is not an end user thing

HI Gar,

Yes I agree it is an issue with the app, for a developer that is called an end user issue. I wasn’t saying users were doing anything wrong.

This forum is to help developers create apps for Samsung Devices. Does that make sense?

Setting it to Hourly seems to work so far I noticed when I updated my watch it updated the Weather Channel app on my mobile too there may be some connection.

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