GWS - Pricing Strategies?

Using the GWS has been a really fun hobby for the past year. I’ve created less than a dozen watch designs, but spend a lot of time on them. Granted, my designs are not masterpieces as some of the sellers are. I had been setting a base price of USD 1.00 for my designs, and sell a maybe a dozen of them. My latest design I submitted for free, and have over 1400 downloads in the first month! This ratio is probably a common pattern for buyers, maybe 1/10 of a percent will buy a watch, versus the 99 9/10 % who will download one which is free.

But I discovered also that I can set a lower price than USD 1.00, by starting the basic price with a leading zero (i.e., “0.25”). This newest submission of mine with the lower price is still in review, but I am curious what other sellers do for pricing strategies. I understand from the 2019 Santa Clara conference that Samsung is planning on changing some of the multiple market pricing settings, as some markets should have a lower price than the U.S. market’s equivalent value.

At least in the states, there is a minimum sales price of 99c, so if you put 0.25 as the price, you can see on the Country/Region/Price tab that the price in the USA will be 99c. But the 0.25 will convert to low prices in other countries. With the current state of the store, you will probably only get good sales if you market well on other platforms like FB groups.

We found that pricing your Watch Faces lower in some countries decreased downloads. Lower prices do not mean higher sales. People will download free watch faces just to try them. Likewise owners of a watch that costs hundreds of dollars are not going to quibble over $.25

However, Raising the price to a Euro relative price raised sales in the EU.

Business price their product according to what the price of the competition is.

Price yours to comparable watch designs.

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