We have a lot of controversy over the new watch market. Let me know if anyone has made a profit since moving from the Galaxy Store to Google Play. I think no one has ever made a profit. If anyone has made a profit, please give me hope. :pensive:

I do not know if the statistics in play store are divided by country from which your account is registered, but among other infos there are numbers of download. And I know few names from this forum, who I can see now have multiple faces with 100+ downloads. If it already paid for their invested time and resources to make actual profit I have no idea. I did not search for the way to publish there, since I play with watch faces just as hobby and I do not have a watch to test on (and not going to buy one just for that purpose).
Edit: some have even 1000+ which I doubt would be from promo codes alone :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I hope you do well. :slight_smile:

Hi Peter. I think in most cases these downloads came from promo code usages.

I sold one, literally one watch face :grin:
And I blame for it Googles algorithms, but this is another story/topic.

My FREE ones are being downloaded very well over 600 my PAID one not so well :slight_smile:

WOW!! I hope your paid faces will also boom!! :clap:

This is the same for Galaxy Store the Free Downloads are extremely high compared to the Paid ones. I think about 100 to 1.