Hajri Date in watch face studio

Hi, is it possible to add Hajri Date (Islamic Calendar) in Watch Face Studio ? as it was present in Galaxy Watch Studio.

Watch Face Studio supports Islamic, Islamic Civil and Islamic UmAlQura Calendars The calendars are not fully in alphabetical order.

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Can you tell me how can I use them in watch face studio. As I am not seeing any clear tags for it.

Did you check on the RUN tab Language section? You can test the language but as per your phone language, the language will be set.

It seems like if you set Arabic (Saudi Arabia) It does shows islamic month, but I needed it in all languages(I mean device language independency) just like GWS used to do…

it is the same local calendar setting in WFS as GWS



Samsung Developer Relations

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Thank you finally sort it out! You are the saviour :grin:

أخوي أنا عندي وجه ساعة بس ما عرفت كيف أنشره ولا عرفت أضيف له أوقات الصلاة تعرف الحل؟

For publishing watch face you can search here you will find help. Prayer times can be only added via a custom complication.

كيف اقوم بعمل اضافة مخصصة لاوقات الصلاة؟ شكرا