Hands hour minute second how to rotate correctly

hello everyone I wanted to understand something … when I put the hands on the application to simulate a clock when they turn they move around the dial instead of standing still in one point and rotating … how do you make them turn correctly?

Welcome to this forum. When you add any watch hands such as Hour, Minutes or Seconds, you can play or pause their rotation by using the play/pause button on the Preview window or the WFS home window.

Can you share any image or explain more?

When you make a hand graphic (hour hand, minute hand, etc) just make sure the very center of the image is the pivot point you want the hand to revolve around. In other words, you might have to create a transparent PNG with more space on one side to balance out the image and put the pivot point in the center of the image.

Attached is a sample minute hand I made for one of my watch faces. If you open it in an image editor, you’ll notice the center of the image is on the pivot point of the hand.


If the hand pivot point does not match the center of the image, you have to first position the hand layer as it should look like at 0:00:00. Then adjust the pivot point x,y coordinates in layer properties to where the pivot point appears (if it is not in center of the face canvas 225,225).

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Right. I just do all that in Illustrator when I create the image, making sure the pivot point is in the center of the image. That way I don’t have to mess with settings in WFS.

after countless attempts I managed to make the hands and make a watch face with galaxy watch studio … now I have the problem that I don’t have a samsung phone but an oppo I can’t put the watch face on my galaxy pro 5 watch