Image around clock face

Imported an image as a watch hand and can’t seem to get it to go around the edge of the face, using the pivot points. I have it ticking around in a circle but not the clock face edge. What setting do I use on the pivot points?

It is not very clear to me what the image is, you should upload images. but generally the pivot is in the center of the image in proportion to its size (including transparent spaces) so, if the image is a ball with a transparent background of 200x200 pixels, the 0 will be in the middle (100) and the same happens with rectangular images, 360 * 60 for example (here it is 180). If the pivot is modified, it will take into account the 0 point of the image in relation to the size of the image, so it is advisable (in my opinion) to work with even images (in resolution), rather than with odd ones.