Having a nightmare connecting watch face studio to Galaxy Watch 4

I enabled all the settings as mentioned by this guide:

I just can’t find the Enable Debugging over Bluetooth on my phone. (step 4)
It is mentioned here as well:

Should it really be this lousy?
My devices:
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
Galaxy S21 Ultra

@ben_izi this manual is misleading.
Debugging should be enabled on the watch, not on the phone.

You might want to have a look at this thread. It’s how I managed to connect the watch to WFS - using WiFi debugging.

Have a look at the linked post and one a couple after it which does away with the need to download Android studio tools.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for replying.
Yes, actually I did it last night via wifi but had to restart all my devices after enabling dev mod.
I have development background and I did work on iOS and WatchOs app before. These sort of nonsenses are a big deterrent for developer community. Clearly it’s been a couple of months now yet Samsung didn’t bother debug the issue or update documentations accordingly.