Health Connect Android 14 Not Working

The Samsung Health application appears to be incompatible with Android 14 devices. It’s plausible that some migration changes necessary for Android 14 may have been overlooked. Thank you for considering this feedback.

It is quite possible there are issues as this is a pretty recent release.

What watch are you using with the Samsung Health?

You should report this a Developer Support Request and be specific with what is incompatible.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi there,
It is not related to any watches. If you download the Samsung Health in Android 14 device it does not work with Health connect. Because Android 14 requires Health Connect migration from your app. :slight_smile:

Samsung Health works with Health Connect if you have a Wear 4 (API 33) watch there are known issues with older wear versions API 28 and API 30. I believe that the user may need to share Samsung Health with Health Services but I’m not sure on that.

There may be some information that is proprietary and not shared with Health Connect. Can you be more specific on the issues you see?

Samsung Developer Relations

Health Connect has implemented updates to accommodate Android 14 devices. However, SamsungHealth is currently not appearing within the Health Connect application. Additionally, due to alterations in the migration process associated with Android 14, SamsungHealth is unable to grant activity permissions at present.

See: Migrate Health Connect from Android 13 (APK) to Android 14 (framework)  |  Android health & fitness  |  Android Developers

in my mobile Samsung Health app I need to go to settings and grand permission for Health Connect but that is an still Android 13 and Wear 4 combination.

If that isn’t it then please report this using the Samsung Members app or via Samsung Community

There isn’t much we can do in this developer discussion board. This is for 3rd party developers.

Samsung Developer Relations

Android 13 works no issue. The issue on the Android 14. I will take a look and raise it there.

After thinking it over I think you are correct.

And thanks for the education and helping me understand the problem correctly.


Hello, I am still not able to connect to Health Connect with Samsung Health and I also wrote a mail to Samsung whether there is an update planned to fix this problem. Sadly I got no answer as of today.
But the screen in Samsung Health changed is now telling me to update Samsung Health, which is sadly not possible.

Therefore, I am asking here, if there are any plans for releasing an update for Samsung Health on the near future to fix this connection issue.

Best regards

Yeah it seems Samsung has not fixed their app yet.

The message you see it from Google Health Connect app not from Samsung Health app.

Samsung Health app needs to complete Android 14 Health Connect migration.

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