Heart rate complication doesn't display data

Ahh fundamental misunderstanding on your part or lack of communication on my part.

A complication is an old clock makers terminology carried on to modern watch designers.

Every gear movement is a complication. The first clocks had an hour hand and you add a minute hand that requires another gear an hence a complication. Add a second hand or a day, or date or month each is another complication in the watch movement. Anything listed as a component is indeed a complication.

With 1.4.13 and Watch Face Format there are now complication slots that may have several complication types such as a short text, a ranged value, icon and so on. These are for end user customizations. Prior to WFF and WFS 1.4.13 there were no complication slots only the complication types for end user customization. The app developers create their app’s complications based on a pre-designed “template” where the app developer fills in the blanks and the SDK creates the complications.

WFS from the start and in 1.5.7 as well have designer complications/componetns. Text block where you can use a tag or not, images where you can create an icon, progress bars (round or linear) for ranged values, designer dial using tags for specific use. A text box is a complication even it it is just a written message and had no tap action.

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I see what u meant

But for new users we have to make a distinction for clarity, when talking about complication = means the slots we put in wfs (user customisable)

And images, text etc are considered elements, or tag expressions controlled elements.

See the confusion if you mixed them up. (Even though we know its a complication still, in the watch world provided it updates if its fixed it just a face, no?)